Bulletin Board
  • 27-06-2016

Message from Chairman

Prem Suwal


With a major objective of 'one graduate, one household', Bhaktapur Municipality established Khwopa Higher Secondary School in 2056 BS, giving general mass an access to higher education.  With an additional objective of intellectualization of the society, the Municipality further established various Colleges in the following years: Khwopa College (TU) in 2058 BS, Khwopa Engineering College (PU) in 2058 BS, Khwopa Polytechnic Institute (CTEVT) in 2061 BS and Khwopa College of Engineering (TU) in 2065 BS. The Municipality has also undertaken the management of Sharada Campus since 2071 BS.


A bill of Khwopa University was submitted in the Ministry of Education in 2064 BS for establishing the University in Bhaktapur under Bhaktapur Municipality. The University will offer studies of Medical Science establishing a Teaching Hospital. I am assured that this will help greatly in making Bhaktapur a center of culture and education. Nepal government has assured us that the bill will be presented in the parliament in the fiscal year of 2073/74 BS. The people of Bhaktapur expect that Nepal Government will offer the 108 ropani of open land located in Ward No. 17 Sallaghari of Bhaktapur Municipality that Nepal Trust owns to Khwopa University so that buildings of Medical  College and Teaching Hospital can be built there.


I heartily appeal the new generation to join Khwopa Higher Secondary School to receive higher education in a disciplined academic realm. We are sure that you will go as  cultured cititizens back to the society after completing your course sincerely. Thank you.


Prem Suwal


Management Committee