Bulletin Board
  • 27-06-2016

Message from Principal

Prakash Kumar Shrestha

Inspired and motivated by social concern and responsibility, a team of elected body of Bhaktapur Municipality set up Khwopa Higher secondary School (KHSS) with the aim to develop Bhaktapur as center of excellence through quality education.


 Quality education assures the economic competitiveness of the nation, advances the arts and sciences and provides the means for people to achieve individual success.


 To recognize and respond to the needs of community had been the sustaining mission of the KHSS over the past nine years and will continue.


Our goal is to make difference in the lives of the young people who attend KHSS by nurturing them socially and educationally. The rules and discipline at KHSS have been established for the safety of students


 The common effort of management committee, teachers, staffs, students and parents has shown the positive growth an achievement for KHSS. The institution has been awarded with the certificate of appreciation by HSEB for being able to maintain excellent pass percentage in proportion to higher no of students.


 A long line of dedicated, skilled, hardworking people are working in creating history of KHSS. We are all proud of this people's institution which makes one of the recognizable landmarks, right in the heart of Bhaktapur.