Bulletin Board
  • 27-06-2016

Norms Facilities

Codes of Conduct
  1. Students must enter the college premises before 5 minute of the first bell.
  2. Students must not leave the class without any prior notice to the administration.
  3. Student’s attendance must be at least 90 percent of total class.
  4. Student must come to college with a neat and clean college uniform and proper hair cut.
  5. In case of absence, the leave application duly signed by parents on the following day must be submitted to the principal through the class lecture.
  6. Any student showing aggressive behavior towards lecturers/teachers/staffs will be expelled from the college.
  7. Students are liable to pay the cost of any damage if intentionally committed.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring and put on any jeweler items and other valuable things inside the college.
  9. If the student discontinues for a month without prior notice to administration, his/her name will be struck off. If he/she wants to continue, he/she must re-admit with full charge including monthly fees.
  10. Students must appear and pass all the exams conducted by the college.
  11. Only those students who are successful in pre board exam will be allowed to take TU board exam.
  12. Deposit will be refunded only to those students who completed entire academic course.
  13. Students are not allowed to enter and exit the class room while class is running.
  14. Use of mobile phone, mp3, FM etc are strictly prohibited within college building.



In course of enhancing the students’ academic capability through constant monitoring, Khwopa College regularly conducts various assignments and examinations in its academic schedules.

Students are required to complete the assignments given by the Professor/Lecturers within the given time frame.

KHSS conducts three mid term exams ,two terminal exams and pre-Board Examination. Students should pass the Pre-Board Examination to appear in the respective HSEB Board Examination.

            Examination                              Weightage
            Assignments                               15%
             Mid Term Exams                        15%

            Terminal Exams                           30%
            Pre-Board                                    40%
            Total                                             100%


Teaching Methodology
  1. Regular Classes
  2. Discussion / Interaction / Seminar
  3. Internal Assignments
  4. Internal Examination
  5. Field Visit
  6. Invitees / Experts
  7. Internship