Bulletin Board
  • 27-06-2016

+2 Science

Admission Procedure

Students who have passed SLC or equivalent examination are eligible to apply for admission. An entrance examination followed by an interview is compulsory for all the students seeking admission. The entrance test covers following 3 subjects in each stream:

Science Stream

English, Mathematics, Science

Management Stream

English, Mathematics, Account

Humanities Stream

English, Mathematics, Nepali



In course of enhancing the students' academic capability
through regular monitoring, KHSS conducts various
examinations and assignments within an academic year.


KHSS conducts two Terminal Examinations and a Pre Board Examination in a academic year. Pre-board Examination is conducted after the completion of the course. Students who are unable to pass the Examinations need to appear and pass in Re-Examinations otherwise they will not be allowed for HSEB Examinations.

mid term+ Terminals+H.A            mid term+Pre-board+H.A                          5%+15%+5%                                    5%+40%+5%  


Students required to complete the assignments given by the faculty members within the given time frame. A student showing poor performance will be given timely academic suggestions and guidelines and will be informed to parents in timely manner.